7th Grade


  • Grammar and Composition I, Abeka #138835
  • Grammar and Composition I Teacher Key (Highly recommended) – Abeka #138843
  • Write Source 2000, ISBN: 066946774X (try Amazon or Half Price Books)

Kentucky History

  • Kentucky is My Land, 2007, Billy Henderson $10.00 (Download PDF here)
  • Kentucky History compiled notes, Billy Henderson
  • A History of Kentucky, Elizabeth Shelby Kinkead (Download PDF here)

Latin I

  • Latin: First Year, Robert J. Henle, ISBN: 0829410260
  • Latin Grammar, Robert J. Henle, ISBN: 0829401121
    Supplemental Packet, Ruth Schwartz $10.00

Life Science

  • Life Science Student Text, 4th edition Bob Jones University Press #276832
  • Life Science Tests, 4th edition Bob Jones University Press #822043
  • Life Science Student Lab Manual, 4th edition, Bob Jones University Press #279943


  • Algebra 1/2, 3rd edition, Saxon (try Amazon)

Reading List

  • White Squaw, Arville Wheeler, ISBN: 9780945084822
  • Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come, John Fox, Jr., ISBN: 9781420942835
  • Song of the River, Billy C. Clark (try Amazon)
  • Bruchko, Olson, ISBN: 9781591859932
  • Simon Kenton, Thomas D. Clark