C.S. Lewis: The Problem of Pain


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2019 Forum Recordings

About the Forum

Mars Hill Forum is hosted by University Christian Fellowship—a ministry of the Christian Fellowship family of local churches in Central Kentucky—as one of a series of events aimed at reaching the University of Kentucky and surrounding area with the truth and beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Aimed at examining the intersection of faith and culture (fides et cultura), each Forum will feature keynote lectures by prominent scholars, authors, theologians, and pastors, as well as opportunities for dialogue and Q&A around a central topic, question, theme, or author.

Other events include our annual ballet production of C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and various book clubs and reading groups.

2019 Keynote Speaker

Dr. Peter Kreeft

Dr. Peter Kreeft, known as one of the world’s foremost experts in Christian apologetics, is a professor of philosophy at Boston College and teaches philosophy courses at King’s College. Kreeft is a popular writer of Christian philosophy, theology and apologetics and the author of over 67 books, including: Back to Virtue; The God Who Loves You; Heaven, The Heart’s Deepest Longing; How To Win the Culture War; and Jesus Shock.

Dr. Kreeft is a convert to the Catholic Church from reformed Protestantism. He earned an A.B. degree from Calvin College, an M.A. and Ph.D. from Fordham University, followed by post-doctoral work at Yale University. He has received several honors for achievements in the field of philosophy, including the Woodrow Wilson Award, Yale-Sterling Fellowship, Newman Alumni Scholarship, Danforth Asian Religions Fellowship, and a Weathersfield Homeland Foundation Fellowship.

Dr. Kreeft’s witty writing covers a variety of subjects from moral relativism to angels and demons to surfing. He has also taught as an adjunct at more than 15 other colleges and centers across the U.S. Every week he makes the three-hour trip from Boston to New York because, as he says, “I absolutely love it here.”

He loves his five grandchildren, four children, one wife, one cat, and one God.

Parking Information

There is no parking available at the Student Center itself, but the parking garage on Limestone will be open and free of charge.