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My response to Kady and Shelby’s responses.

Kaydy, you have established that we have consciences that act as moral compasses and that we should choose the right thing over the wrong thing all the time. We do not live in a perfect world, we see people gladly destroying their consciences and seeking immoral things, it does not matter that we have consciences if we are to break them. We see this even in the fall of Adam and Eve, they both had a conscience to not eat the fruit, but they did. Now imagine if God had never even mentioned the tree to them or never even allowed them to have access to the tree until they were ready. We would not have been in the mess we are in. I agree with you that it would be great if everyone followed their moral compasses and did not sin but we see that does not happen in our lives alone. So whats better? a dog that is leashed and is controlled by the master, or a free dog that will unintentionally kill itself for the sake of curiosity or pleasure.

Shelby, you say that society will be strong if it says no to porn or immoral music.  It obviously does not. So you are saying that by giving us temptations and saying no to them makes us stronger, but people do not say no, they do not seek righteousness and strength, So instead of giving society temptation which could make them strong but comes with a high chance of failing (which they do) or not allow the temptation into their lives at the beginning. We see that monks have strict censorship in order to get closer to God, why not America.