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It is important to note that there will never be a way to remove every bad thing.  There is a difference between “not allowing” and “forced out of existance”.  It is right and good for pornography to be destroyed, and for the pornographers to be punished.  There was a time when pornography was not available to most people anyway, and that didn’t stop them from being lustful, nor did the lack of pornography keep those people from maturing.

You should probably work on your definition of “censor”.  God censors, your parents censor, and as I argued above the God given responsibility of the government is to censor.  Censorship doesn’t necissarally keep someone from doing wrong, it discourages wrong by punishing it – the government “does not carry the sword for no reason” just as your parents don’t keep rulers and wooden utensils around for no reason.  It is right for the government to censor evil, and it is right for the evildoers to be punished.  Those wooden utensils my parents used are the reason I’m behaved enough to even be part of society – otherwise I’d be as bad as a toddler.

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