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In agreement with Shelby, I would like to add that in book three of the Republic, Socrates remarks that the needs of the city are more important than the needs of the individual, and that each citizen should recognize that and lay aside his own preferences in order to aid and build the city. Today, however, we have cultivated a society of selfishness, as Shelby pointed out. Children who are aborted are referred to as ‘unwanted’ thus underlining the issue; the mother does not want the child therefore, she should not have to be responsible for the child. She would assert that her needs are more important than the needs of her child. Furthermore, today in the US, minorities are being shown more favor and given more privileges than ever before. Many programs and actions, however, used to benefit these minorities cause destruction for the nation. These programs only bring slight benefit, and the benefit it does produce is only for the few. Yet the theme of this country continues to demand that the needs of the individual are assessed and seen to regardless of the destruction it may cause, thus emphasizing that justice is not being cultivated; selfishness is.