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Uh…  This is going to be confusing given Graham’s dissagreement, but I felt that you were saying lies were bad – especially in the last line (which is either really awkward or needs a ‘?’).

So here is my official homework disagreement:

Lies, killing, and grief won’t have a place in the second Earth[1], but in this imperfect world those things are sometimes necessary.  Many times the Israelites waged war by God’s command.  John tells us that “Jesus wept” and Paul tells us to “Mourn with those who mourn.”[2]  Lies won’t be used in the second Earth, but here they are sometimes necessary.  Rahab lied to save the Israelite spies, Jonathon lied to save David[3] and Corrie Tin Boom lied to save the Jews in here house.  Lying is not something to make a habit of; only certain people should be lied to at certain times.

[1] Revelation 21:4

[2] John 11:35; Romans 12:15

[3] 1 Samuel 20:28-29

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