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I’m sorry for the typo that lead to a misinterpretation of what I meant. The first half of the last sentence was supposed to say that I believed that knowledge can be withheld justly while the second half was supposed to leave the discussion open by asking if we as Christians can believe that justice must be built off of a lie. I agree with Elijah. We must distinguish  the purpose of a lie; if done for good, which is possible [see Elijah’s examples], a lie can be good. What I DO NOT agree with is that the ultimate model of justice MUST contain a lie; in the new earth there will be no lies nor need thereof.

The “lying lips” that Graham quoted refers to the habit. Proverbs are general sayings not absolute truths; when quoted wrong, they can seem lead to wrong conclusions. The rest of Graham’s argument is built off of examples of bad lies but no matter how many examples there are the possibility of good is not logically completely ruled out, especially taking into account the examples of just lies given.