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Caroline, revenge can indeed be just.  I repeat: “revenge: punishment that is inflicted in return for a wrong”

Justice includes revenge.  It’s not a contradiction.  It is right to punish wrong.  It is just for a king to “inflict punishment in return for a wrong” whether he be an earthly king, or the Heavenly King.  For God to punish man for man’s wrong against God would be just.  If there was justice without mercy, everyone would, I quote Mr. Henderson, “Go to hell.  Go directly to hell.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect two-hundred dollars”

Justice includes revenge.  Revenge is a part of justice.

Humans are not to avenge themselves, as Romans 12:19 tells us, because vengance belongs to the Lord.  Why the Lord but not us?  Because of God’s mercy to us.  It is the same as the parable, God showed us mercy, not the justice we deserved – he did not exact revenge.  Therefore, God Himself will be merciful to man, how much more should man be merciful to man?  It would be the servant being unmerciful to the servant after the king forgave his debt.

This is what accounts for what you see as the conflict in Luke’s arguement.  It was not just for the servant to seek revenge, because he was forgiven, and forgiven of a debt far greater.  But that doesn’t mean revenge is not a part of justice, it just means that for man, the forgiven servant, to seek of revenge is unjust.

I have another point, one which is independant of the previous one, which also corrects your mistaken arguement:

As far as emotion goes, God showed his mercy to us because of love – because of an emotion!  God spared the Israelites from his revenge because Moses, whom he loved, pleaded with him on the mountain.  It was God’s love that spared them His anger.  And Jesus is the ultimate example of this, God sent Jesus to die out of love for us.  His mercy was born out of an emotion, love.

Also, God has exacted revenge before, he has inflicted punishment in return for a wrong (paraphrasing definition of revenge) in a huge way when he sent the flood.  Out of anger he sent revenge on the earth, and out of love he saved Noah’s family.  Two actions, both based on emotion.  Revenge and mercy both from a perfect God.

I hope that you will thoughtfully consider these points.  However, if you still disagree, you must disprove both arguements.  Please, for the sake of all here who may be swayed by my arguement, do argue any premise or reasoning that is not true or valid respectively.