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I would like to build on Elijah’s argument. My parents have raised me to be joyful and do my best in everything, despite unforeseen circumstances. I believe that justice in schoolwork has more to do with the student’s attitude than actually accomplishing the said assignments. If a student does not complete an assignment due to laziness and procrastination, then that is unjust and wrong. However, if unexpected events occur in the student’s personal life, disabling them from completing an assignment, it is just and okay for them to receive an extension with permission from parents and the teacher. As students of Mars Hill and children of God, we are asked only to give our best and strive for excellence, not perfection; our attitudes will determine the outcome of our assignments. For example, in Mr. Hughes’s English class, he rewards the hardworking, less-gifted students just as much as the talented writers, due to the checklist we are allowed to turn in with each assignment. If you strive to do your best with a joyful heart, then you will be just in your homework.