Reply To: Are You A Liar?


I agree with Shelby’s argument. Yet, responding to Elijah and Luke’s arguments about lying, I believe there are some instances when lying is just, and others when it is unjust. It depends upon the circumstances and the heart of the individual.During the Holocaust, many people selflessly offered their homes to hide Jews, despite the fact that they lied and could face major consequences- the worst of all death. Justice is defined as doing what is morally right and giving others what they are due. Hitler was unjust to kill jews, but people who helped the Jews were just because they did what was morally right. We are all held responsible for our actions, and I would rather lie for a cause bigger and greater than myself, a righteous cause, then selfishly be honest just so I would not become a lesser person.
Additionally, I believe lying to keep a sin secret is unjust. It is merely an action of self-preservation, and our attitude is wrong when trying to protect ourselves. These two ideas of lying are on completely different spectrum, and each individual is subject to a different belief.