Reply To: Bullying


In agreement with Kaydy’s argument, I would like to add that we must pursue justice by loving others which is what we owe, and it is unjust when people experience verbal and physical abuse because abusers owe them love. Concerning bullying, injustice also occurs when society encouraged bullied kids to fight back against bullies, leading the bullied to become the bully. “Become the bigger person,” is a well-known phrase that has been used to justify crude words and actions of “standing up” towards bullies. Society tells bullied kids that they are better than those who bully them. Many “encouragements” against bullying involve harshness against bullies, giving some bullied kids a self-righteous view that they are better than bullies and can put the bully “in his place.” This resembles the history of the oppressed rising and becoming oppressors themselves.

It is not up to sinners to punish other sinners according to their faults because we deserve the exact same punishment, and this applies to both sides of bullying. Thus, the world has answered injustice with injustice, and as Christians, we must pursue and display justice by growing in confidence in God not in ourselves and loving and seeking the best for others no matter what they do to us. We must genuinely care about every person, bullied or bully. Bullying should be strongly discouraged, particularly in the belief that one is greater than another; all are sinful and fall short of the glory of God. Thus, Christians must encourage others to live justly through selfless and sacrificial love, helping others become more like Christ.

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