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In agreement with Lizzie, I would like to add that many are so consumed with political correctness, currently, that they seem to forget that the Confederates, though advocating for slavery, were more concerned with state rights. Their rights were being dictated to them by the North, and as a result many Southern States seceded from the Union. This is forgotten and as Lizzie pointed out, that “introduces the threat of history reoccurring.” Furthermore, many have said that wanting to maintain these monuments to the Confederacy, is “unpatriotic”. But that redefining ‘patriotism’ as only promoting the ‘good’ in the nation which is decided upon by the common opinion. Also, once Confederate monuments and parks have be renamed to hide association with Confederate ideals. Jackson Park has, ironically, be renamed as Justice Park. It has been said, that this action is just for it removes the promotion of “white history”. If this continues, any monument that can be condemned as a promotion of “white supremacy” or can be argued as offensive, will likely be removed, thus we forget and furthermore, dishonor our history.