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The truth is, slavery was not really the issue when the war started.  Lincoln used the injustice of slavery to get support for the war.  Obviously slavery needed stopped, and since the individuals themselves, the families, the churches, the counties, and finally the states did not stop the injustice.  While slavery should’ve been stopped somewhere in those levels, it wasn’t, and while it may not have been the Federal Government’s jurisdiction, that is the price we pay for the South’s injustice.  The South abused it’s rights, and in the states lost a lot of power.  I am very much in favor of States Rights, I believe that the federal government has overstepped it’s place in many ways.  Similarly to the way the States lost power as a consequence of abusing it, Healthcare was neglected – individuals weren’t taking care of themselves, but their families didn’t take care of them, nor their church, nor the county, nor the state, until finally the government stepped in to do that job… and take the power that came with it.

I think I went off topic… Yes, I did.  Let me try again.

Ok, so I agree that the federal government was unjust in some ways (NOT all), it overstepped it’s boundaries.  And just like you all I am totally fed up with ‘political correctness’.  On the other hand, the South was unjust too!  There is huge racial tension in America, and the hurt of the slaves has passed down to their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Likewise, there are still many many white people who have inherited the unjust ways of their parents and great grandparents and harbor prejudice.  That’s the truth, whether they know it or not, whether they understand their reasons, even if they don’t act like it in the store, their worldview is afflicted by or suffers the scars of that past injustice.  These statues represent people who fought in part to keep slavery.  This can only arouse bad memories and incite anger in the people who suffered.  Why should we have statues of these men, anyway?  The Israelites certainly weren’t allowed to makes statues of people, and (*gasp*) maybe God had one or more really great reasons for telling them not to?  Despite the fact that some people may view these statues as statues of men who defended states rights, many of these statues are also statues of men who fought for the injustice of slavery, something that the wronged people cannot forget so easily, especially when we continue to have so so so much horrible racial injustice in our society?  I don’t think I need to prove to you that racial injustice still abounds, but I can.  I know stories of people here in Winchester who have suffered racial injustice.  Mississippi Burning is a rough movie, but it depicts how severe racial injustice continued even after the war and the civil rights movement.

Do we really want to keep these statues up?  Really, can a Christian think this is acceptable?  I’m not talking about ‘political correctness’, I’m talking about morals!  IS THIS JUST?