A Unjust Act That Saved Us All

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      Throughout the Bible, it is shown that God, our Father, is a just God. “For I, the LORD, love justice (Isaiah 61:8).” “But the LORD abides forever; He has established His throne for judgment (Deuteronomy 32:4).” However, it is God’s injustice that has brought us salvation and allows us to build a deeper spiritual relationship with Him.
      Justice means doing what is morally right and giving each person their due. When God sent His son to die upon the cross for our sins, He contradicted this definition. First of all, Jesus dying in our place was obviously not morally right by any means. Second, God is giving every human being something they do not deserve, deliverance from sins. Our rebellion causes separation from the Lord, but Jesus Christ’s unjust sacrifice on the cross brings us togetherness with our Creator.
      The idea that Christianity is built on God’s injustice raises some important questions. Does this mean God is imperfect? Is love greater than justice? How should we live a pleasing Christian life regarding these things?
      I still believe that God is our perfect King, because perfection is not defined as being able to perform every virtue equally at all times. True perfection is understanding which virtue is most important in a given situation and acting upon that knowledge. God’s love for us outweighs His justice. Despite having failed Him countless times, Jesus still loves us. He would rather suffer death on a cross than abandon us.
      God calls us to love others with the same unconditional love He showed us. Sometimes that means we must put aside what is just to love others wholeheartedly. By looking at how we can love others sacrificially, we are following Christ’s example and growing stronger in our faith.

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      I would agree with your argument and expand on the fact that we are called to do what Christ did for us. We are called to die. We are not called to pursue our dreams and make a name for ourselves but to further the glory of God and his name. Tired from a long day at work, we should die to ourselves and clean the dirty kitchen, and, whats more, we shouldn’t make a big deal about it. Maybe someone is unjustly accusing you of something and you should be able to bear it like Christ did  in the shape of a cross. Our lives should be an ongoing extension of the life of Christ and we should be conduits of his grace, mercy, and unconditional love.

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      I disagree with your statement, “Jesus dying in our place was obviously not morally right by any means.” I believe it was morally right. Jesus said in John that,”Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friend.” By dying on the cross, Jesus was doing what was morally right because he was sacrificing himself and obeying His Father in Heaven. We did not deserve Jesus’ sacrifice, and our sin is unjust, but there had to be a sacrifice to atone for our sins. A sacrifice for our sins would satisfy justice, and God decided that that sacrifice would be Jesus.

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