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      America – a land where everyone is free to work hard and climb the social ladder.  A man born poor can better his lot if he really tries.  This wasn’t something that happened often in Europe, especially under the feudal system.  It is a wonderful thing, social mobility, and I believe it to be a good quality of our country.  Unfortunately, this wonderful quality has been twisted over time.  Nowadays, people believe that they are owed the means to be and do what they want – Education should be free, women should be allowed in the military, and everyone’s tax money should pay for my health care (looking at you, ACA)!

      Disney, and Hollywood in general, promotes this in nearly every film they make.  I recently watched Around the World in 80 Days, based very loosely off of the book by Joules Verne.  Throughout the movie Phileas Fogg is applauded, respected, and encouraged for living his dream.  Phileas Fogg was a good man not because he was loving, just, wise, or anything like that – his most admirable quality is presented to be that he stands up for what he believes in.  The animated film, Tangled retells the story of Rapunzel.  In this movie Rapunzel leaves her tower with a thief named Flynn Rider in order to follow her dream.  When she ends up in a bar filled with big, bloodstained villains, she actually gets the whole group of ruffians singing about their dreams, and when the cops come to arrest Flynn the villains help Rapunzel and Flynn to escape, telling Rapunzel to “Go! Live your dream!”  In Planes a small farm airplane wins a race against the bigger airplanes with jet engines, just because he wanted to and he worked hard – no regard for common sense which tells us that such an idea is absurd.

      Plato has no regard for someone’s dreams.  In his ideal city, children would be trained for one task – the task they will perform all their lives.  If they are defective (i.e. too old, too stupid, too sickly) they are killed.  A potter may really want to farm, but for him to do anything other than make pots would be considered unjust.  This is much like the communist (or perhaps I have that confused with socialist) countries which do the same thing.  Plato is Disney’s enemy, and in fact the enemy of most of America.

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      Add to the list of films:

      The Happiest Millionaire

      Zootopia (!)

      Wreck It Ralph

      Any I missed?  I’m tired and my mind is blanking.

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      I agree with what Elijah said about America telling everyone to follow their dreams, and in concept this seems selfish. Disney teaches kids to follow their dreams based solely on what they feel, yet as Christians, we should seek to follow God’s direction for our life, not based on how we feel nor on what others believe we should. I believe that God instills certain desires in our hearts that we are meant to pursue. Psalm 37:4 reads, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” In comparison to Plato’s ideal city, if we work to pursue the desires that God has instilled in us, we will not be a seemingly robotic nation of trained children, but we will be a strong nation striving to build God’s kingdom with our righteous, spiritual gifts.

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        Yes a good Christian would follow God’s vision for their life, and yet most people don’t honestly seek to do what God wants them to do, or do it the way God wants them to.

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