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      Ever since America’s founding, it has had a profound sense of individualism. It also has a system and economic system in which if you work hard enough you can achieve whatever you want, and be whatever you want. In America, everyone can run for the president of the United States of America, or run whatever business they want to. In America, it is found just when there is equilibrium across the spectrum of a capability of what you can do. Meaning anyone of any sex, color, or upbringing should be given a chance to go for what they want. Plato sees it differently. In the Republic, the idea of specialization is seen as what is just. It is a pyramid of classes represented by three earth: Gold, Silver, Bronze. Plato believes that the certain classes should only breed within the certain classes. Gold is the wise, and the leaders of the state, Silver is the auxiliaries, spirited people who can follow orders and work hard, and the bronze is farmers and laborers who provide materials and items for the state. Whichever class you are born in is your occupation or goal in life, born Gold and you will be a wise leader, taken silver, and you will be a warrior, born bronze, and you will be a laborer. No matter what you truly want you will be in the class that which you were taken. Socrates alludes this system to dog breeding in lines 459 a “First, although they are all noble, aren’t there some among them who are and probe to be the best?’ ‘There are.’ ‘Do you breed from all alike, or are you eager to breed from the best as much as possible?’ ‘From the best.” Meaning the best breed the best, the second best to the latter, and the third best to the third. No matter if an individual class member wishes to intercourse with a member of their class or not they will and should for the good of the state. In America, this idea would almost see hellish, as individualism and personal needs are echoed through the halls of every American home through their television. I believe that Americans should be able to choose, but they should accept the class and purpose from God not from their ideas of what they think is best for them.

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