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      I will be discussing censorship. In a decision of censorship, three things must be determined: should there be free will, if so should the government censor to encouraged the right things, and what are the right things. Depending on these three things the correct censorship can be determined. The four degrees of censorship that I have identified are as follows: firstly total censorship, people have absolutely no ability to do what the government keeps from them; secondly censorship with choice, the government does as much as it can to prohibit censored things and punishes those people who choose to partake in the censored things; thirdly no censorship, completely releasing everything to the public; and lastly a mixture of the other three.

      The reason free will must be considered in relation to censorship is that total censorship restricts free will; thus if men are to have free will, total censorship cannot be. As a Christian I believe that it is God’s divine will that men have free will. I also believe that evil comes from the heart. These two beliefs together make total censorship neither good, since God intends that we have free will, nor possible, because the government cannot suppress man’s evil heart.

      The belief that men must have free will is not identical to the belief that nothing must be censored. It does not profit a society to be under constant temptation. A person would be much more inclined to choose evil if it was accessible without punishment; contrariwise, citizens in a society where evil was punished, discouraged, and difficult to execute would be much less likely to attempt it. Thus lack of censorship would naturally create a society prone to evil. A mixture of the types of censorship would not profit a city either since no thing can be totally censored and any evil thing uncensored is more likely to be done. Thus censorship to the best of the government’s ability is the optimal choice since it reduces evil most without stifling free will.

      Now that we believe we should restrict and punish evil, we must seek what is evil or else we will not know what to censor. To answer this question, I again look to Christianity. Man is fallen and cannot perfectly distinguish good; only God knows. Thus in order to determine what to censor the government must be wholly led by God. As with most things, following God is the simple answer.

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      I agree with this assessment. The only censorship that we can completely trust is censorship from God because God knows best and we can attempt to censor things that the bible says are unjust and wrong, but if we try to censor things that we deem unjust or unrighteous outside of the bible then we come into fault and error. Also, the idea of complete censorship is impossible as you mentioned because of the hearts of men which I also can agree with as no matter how much you tell someone no and stop them from doing something and its still in their hearts to do it then you have only won half the battle, which deems it necessary to educate and forge a mindset of agreement in the hearts and teach them why it is censored, and why it is wrong and they must come to complete agreement which again only comes through the power of God.

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