Concerning Relativism and its Effect on Today's Society

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      Relativism is the idea that there is no absolute truth, no so called good and evil, and even nothing beautiful or ugly. Today, people get to decide if what they are doing is right or wrong and we are supposed to accept that lest we be called hate filled. There is a despicable term floating around today that is telltale of relativism’s plague on society. “My truth” or “your truth” gets thrown around far too much in conversation. Truth does not change. It will not bow down to your feelings or be changed to spare your self esteem. And again, beauty is not subjective. There are things in the created order that deserve awe and a certain degree of reverence because it was created by God and should remind us of him and draw us up into heavenly places. But relativism would say otherwise. In his work  The Abolition of Man, Lewis tells of a certain textbook that pictures a waterfall. On beholding its beauty, one man says that “This  [waterfall] is sublime.” The textbook, however, corrects his statement, making it instead, “I have sublime feelings.” This is incorrect, even opposite to the truth. Lewis says that sublime things should produce humble feelings in us. This thought that truth or beauty is simply a feeling produced by chemical reactions in our brains is the kind of lie that is keeping people from knowing God. Relativism has become a cancer to our society and it must be cured in order that we may be just.

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