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      Late Sunday evening, on October 1, 2017, a mass shooting took place at a casino in Las Vegas. Fifty-eight people were killed and hundreds were wounded. This incident produced and surge of chaos and fear. Gunman, Stephen Padock, was using a device called a ‘bump-stock’ which allowed him to fire one hundred rounds a minute, giving him the advantage of a semi-automatic weapon. This incident has caused the US Government to consider enforcing tighter gun restrictions and possibly banning the ‘bump-stock.’Many democrats have used this situation as a platform for encouraging total gun regulation. Nancy Pelosi, a district representative of California, sent a letter to Congress encouraging complete gun control, in light of the shooting, saying, “The epidemic of gun violence in our country continues to challenge the conscience of our nation… I urge you to create a Select Committee of Gun Violence to study and report back common sense legislation to help end this crisis.”
      So many urge the government towards banning the ‘bump-stock’ and towards gun control, yet this would be an emotional reaction. It would not be rational or calculated nor would it be just. Restricting the rights of all US citizens because of one situation is a response of emotion that would bring injustice. The Second Amendment in the constitution protect the citizens rights to “bear firearms.” Furthermore after the terrorist attack of 9/11, the Government did not restrict any Middle-Eastern from ever being on a plane, thus restricting his rights. Rather, the Government reasonably, took careful, calculated steps to enforce security in airports to prevent a similar situation.
      The actions proposed in response to the Las Vegas shooting, however, are not reasonable or calculated. They are acts of principled justice. People are allowing their principles to dictate their judgement thus blinding them to justice. Gun control would be a violation of a citizen’s Constitutional rights, thus it would be unjust. It is not the Government’s job to delegate this kind of authority. The Government is established to provide for the common good and protect the rights of the people, not take those rights away.
      We as a country can and should learn and react from situations such as the Las Vegas shooting. We should take action in prevention of such situations from occurring again. We should not, however, completely disregard the Constitutional rights of a citizens whilst trying to protect our country. If we hope to establish a just nation, we must be careful to not allow our principles or personal judgement to deceive us into acts that would violate the rights of the individual, thus continuing to allow injustice to be dominant in our society.

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