The Form of the Good is Whatever We Want to Make It

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      Throughout Plato’s Republic, the significance of the Form of the Good is emphasized. Although never being fully defined, Socrates expresses that it is this form that allows someone to comprehend all the other forms. He explains that it is essential for the philosopher to understand in order to become a worthy ruler. This Form of the Good has importance that is clearly seen, but its definition is something avoided. Perhaps this is because it is different for different people. The definition of the ultimate Good depends on a person’s personal perspective.

      Good by itself is defined as possessing or displaying moral virtue. The ultimate Good is the best imaginable kind of good. The problem is that people have contrasting morals. Everyone has their own view of what is good and bad, what is right and wrong. Some may believe abortion and gay marriage is not at all wrong and can be completely justifiable. Others will utterly disagree with these beliefs.

      The Form of the Good is a starting point for everything else a person will believe. What they see as right and wrong and good and bad will determine their religious and political views. It will set the groundwork for how they live their lives, influencing the way they spend their time and affecting the way they will treat others.

      A true definition of the ultimate Good does not exist. We make it out to be whatever we want. Our entire life is centered on how we choose to define it. How will we define what is right and what is wrong? Will we see something beyond good and bad? Will we live believing there is something better outside of us? Our answers to these questions create our own personal definition of the Form of the Good.

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      i highly disagree with your disbelief in natural law. regardless of what we believe, there IS a UNCHANGEABLE Good that can be defined from pure reason.

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