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      What is the good? Justice and the seeking of wisdom are fundamental to the understanding of the good. Justice occurs when everyone and everything are doing their part to best benefit humanity. Seeking wisdom is the act of desiring the ultimate, true form of all things. With these characteristics, the root of goodness is found in people’s purpose and intentions which reflect the seeking of justice and wisdom or the seeking of destruction and selfishness. Justice and the seeking of wisdom strive for constructivism, and as a result, the good is found when people use their resources to work toward a reward that benefits humanity that is greater than individual pleasure and honor. The good aims for the benefit of others and does no harm but strengthens, improves, aids, and preserves.

      A person, an emotion, a thought, an experience, or an object can be ultimately good, but can also be ultimately bad. The distinction depends on how something is used; for instance, a person who abuses a good thing for self-benefit detriments the good of the thing for himself, corrupting the original and beneficial purpose of it. This seeks neither justice nor wisdom, but it only seeks selfish benefit which cannot be good since selfishness causes harm to humanity as a whole. In nature, human needs exemplify goodness; for instance, the need for food, water, and sleep are good because they benefit the body by keeping it alive. If people abuse food, water, and sleep, they will become fat and lazy; conversely, if people neglect food, water, and sleep, then their strength and awareness will dwindle, leading eventually to death. Thus, people’s intentions and actions determine if something is truly good or not.

      For people to bring the good into humanity, their intentions must be to ultimately benefit others and society, aiming to blossom and preserve all good. By seeking justice and wisdom, humanity reflects the good. People must decide to dwell in the good by making beneficial choices, but evil dwells in those who abuse the good purpose of something for self-benefit.

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      I would like to say that this paper focuses of good not the Good. The Good could not be used for evil while good things as you described them are actually neutral because if a thing can be used for either good or evil it is neutral.

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