The Justice of America and the Injustice of Other Countries

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>In many countries of today, governments overlook or misinterpret the true justice owed to its people. True justice in a society forms when every person becomes who God intended them to be. In different countries, people encounter restrictions on their freedom and rights as humans, and injustice occurs because people are not free to choose their religion, jobs, or ways of life. American people receive human rights that enable them to pursue the will of God. The justice exhibited in America that other countries neglect includes democratic-republic government, social mobility, religious freedom, and women’s rights.</p>
      America incorporates justice with its democratic-republic government and social mobility. The American government allows the people to influence the nation with their views by voting on laws and electing leaders, lowering the risk of injustice. Social mobility, the ability to climb the social ladder, enables Americans to follow God’s calling for their life and keep their earnings. Today, the problems of corrupt governments dwell particularly in North Korea. The North Korean people are deprived of many freedoms including freedom of speech, freedom to vote, and freedom of choice, particularly the choice to leave the country; the president of North Korea inhumanly deals with criminals and workers.<sup>1</sup> Furthermore, in China, the people lack social mobility because the Chinese government determines the fate of every citizen; therefore, in China’s attempt to create equality, many suffer the injustices of inequality such as inferior education and struggle to find jobs.<sup>2</sup>

      Religious freedom and women’s rights show the justice in America that other countries lack. Every American has freedom of religion because the church is separated from state, and thus, the nation does not force a specific religion upon its people. Additionally, American women also possess equal rights including freedom to have a job, vote, and get a good education. Injustice concerning religious freedom and the rights of women abides particularly in Iran. The Islamic faith strongly resides there for it bases its laws on Islam and prohibits Iranians to have beliefs or practices apart from Islamic principles, resulting in persecution and hate against people of other religions.<sup>3</sup> Consequential to the strong Islamic constraints, women receive strong limitations; for instance, they have to always wear a headscarf, applying even to young girls. Additionally, the discrimination towards women restricts their freedom of speech and choice, restraining them from questioning the laws.<sup>4</sup>

      Democracy, social mobility, religious freedom, and women’s rights show America’s justice that surpasses other countries’ justice. Because of justice, America believes that no person possesses more value than another and that all citizens should receive equal rights and freedom. Therefore, justice holds great value, and all nations and people should seek after it.


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