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      Your essay needs to be engaging and useful to the education of your peers.

      Be sure to footnote your essay. Include at least 3 footnotes.

      How does relativism shape your culture?
      Is it just to end DACA?
      What is the effect of illegals on the US?
      In what ways is America not just.
      How is America more just than some other countries?
      What injustices have you endured?
      What injustices have you committed?
      How does the structure of our government promote justice?
      The Constitution and justice.
      The Piraeus
      Cephalus the old man or Thrasymacus the sophist.
      Socrates the trouble maker.
      Any aspect of the opening chapter:
      1. Restraint of Socrates by the young men.
      2. The occaision of the festival.
      3. choice of characters.
      4. The relationship of the names to historical characters.
      Is living a just life better?

      Feel free to do a little research if you would like to do something related to justice but outside of our current discussion.
      1. Historical views of justice
      2. Machiavelli and justice
      3. The politicizing of our court system.
      4. The death penalty
      5. Just war

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