9th Grade


  • Geometry Seeing, Doing, Understanding, 3rd edition, Harold Jacobs, ISBN: 0716743612
  • Enhanced Teacher’s Guide for Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding, 3rd edition, ISBN: 9780716756071 (Mrs. Cochran has requested that all parents purchase this.)
  • A metal compass like this Westcott Metal Ball Bearing Compass with Pencil found on Amazon AISIN: B00DUXMN0E   here

Biology (current year – 2024/2025)

  • Fall Semester: Exploring Creation with Biology, Wile and Durnell (Apologia)
  • Spring Semester: Advanced Biology: The Human Body, Shannon and Yunis (Apologia)
  • Tutor’s note: Both of these Biology texts can be obtained used from Amazon (here and here), or new from Amazon (here and here) or Apologia (here and here)

Basic Science (next year – 2025/2026)


There are often inexpensive copies of the Homer and Virgil books (Fagles’ translation) available at Half Price Books locations.

Western Civ I

Latin Translation 1/2


  • Traditional Logic (you need books 1 and 2), Martin Cothran
  • Traditional Logic workbooks (Memoria Press is now printing the logic exercises as a separate workbook (they used to be after every chapter). The students will need both the text and the workbook. Younger siblings can just buy a fresh workbook.)
  • Optional Teacher Key