How to apply

Before Applying

Mars Hill is a cooperative of tutors and parents. Teachers have been gathered to serve as Tutors. The current role of Mars Hill is not a school. It is established to develop an educational philosophy and help parents fulfill certain goals. We believe that Mars Hill will not work for some students. However, for the students it is designed to serve, we believe it is the best option. Through experience, we have found that certain students do poorly in Mars Hill and would actually get a superior education through traditional homeschooling or public/private school. Students who have had trouble with motivation, study habits, academic performance or attitude generally do worse in Mars Hill than in their previous school.


Students must take responsibility for their own education. It is not the job of Mars Hill tutors to convince students of the importance of their class. Students must be willing to become self-motivated. Late homework, lack of preparation, or nonsupportive attitudes in class would indicate that the student does not want to be a part of the program.


Mars Hill requires almost as much effort as traditional homeschooling. Although the tutors provide the academic material, parents must closely monitor study, completion of assignments and overall comprehension of the material. The management of the student’s education is the responsibility of the parent. Parents must be aware of the material students are covering in class. However, parents do not need to understand the material themselves.

Mars Hill Classes

Each class a student attends is an individual agreement between that tutor and the parents. Mars Hill works to find the best tutors possible. All tuition goes directly to the tutor. Administrative costs are covered by other means. Issues concerning a particular class should be addressed with the tutor of that class. If there is a situation that needs attention from another person, please contact Headmaster Ben Hughes.


Tuition checks are to be made out directly to the tutor of each class. The tuition for the 2024-2025 school year for each class will be $300 for the year, or $150 at the beginning of each semester. If you have five classes, you will write five different checks each semester.

Tuition Policies and Procedures


There is a $50 registration fee for each child. A registration form will be sent after the interview process has been completed and your application has been accepted. (Please do not send any money with your application. It is not due until class registration.)

Mars Hill Cooperative

The cooperative aspects (responsibility of the parents) include:

  • Building Maintenance
  • Monitoring halls
  • Chapel
  • Monitoring lunch
  • Field Trips
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Providing a meeting space
  • Grading papers
  • Cleaning space
  • Camps
  • Administration of grades

Parents will sign up for jobs at the beginning of the year.


The Mars Hill cooperative is headed by Ben Hughes and department heads. Final decisions are made by the leadership of Lexington Christian Fellowship. Mars Hill is the natural outgrowth of the body life philosophy of LCF. For that reason, established positions on policy and patterns of operation are governed by that body.

We are working to build a community of families with similar philosophies of child training and education. We also seek to provide spiritually and academically qualified teachers. We meet with teachers to promote common care for the students as well as a growing unity to our approach.


Application must be made before registration. Click here for application forms.

The application process is designed to:

  1. Help parents determine if Mars Hill is suitable for their student.
  2. Help students determine if they are suited for Mars Hill.
  3. Help existing members of Mars Hill determine if the potential student understands and desires to be a Mars Hill student.


  1. Submit an application package to Mars Hill.
  2. An interview will be arranged with the student and parents.
  3. Upon mutual agreement of parents, student, and Mars Hill leadership, the student may then register for classes.